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G.Lee Art Gallery

2217 Strand, Suite 107-B, Galveston Island, Texas

Brushes By the Beach Plein Air 2020 Winners

From our Juror Maureen Seeba,

     "It's always difficult to judge another person's artwork.

      I approached the jury process with the idea that all the paintings were done "en plein air", outdoors, with the artists painting what they see.

      Questions I ask about each painting include; what light and mood has been imparted; does the composition invite the viewer in; and, how the color palette affects the painting? 

     Other considerations are the application of the paint (or other medium); the artist's response to the subject; and, whether the amount of the medium used is sufficient for the subject. Has the artist made convincing, confident marks? How does the application of those marks pertain to the subject?

     Originality is also important. Are the paintings contemporary? Will the art stand the test of time?

Thank you to all the artists for their fortitude in entering a juried show. To those receiving an award, I extend my appreciation and recognition of their extraordinary work."

Best of Show - George D. Lee Memorial Award

"The Road Less Travelled" by Randall Cogburn, Oil, 14" x 18"

"This piece stood out as creating a real sense of place, atmospheric perspective and bold brush work."  

The Bloch Buster #1  

"Country Morning" by Lana Loveland, Oil, 9" x 12"

"Brush work and generous application of paint stood out with this piece. The painter replicated the place with confidence and interesting composition." 

Special thanks to sponsor Betsy Bloch for donating the "Bloch Buster" awards.

Bloch Buster #2

"No Trespassing" by Kathy Hammond, Oil, 8" x 16"

"This is a painting that showed the artist was enjoying the moment in the place. The artist's creative response to the elements and it's composition draws the viewer into the scene."

Railey Reward #1

"Clearwater Causeway Nocturne" by Shawn Dell Joyce, 

 Pastel, 12" x 16"

"I love the feeling of this painting. The painter responds in a personal manner to the evening skyline. The painting is very believable." 

Special thanks to brother-sister team sponsors Barbara & Bruce Railey for donating the 

 Railey Rewards.

Railey Reward #2

"Tropical Breeze" by Margaret Footit, Oil, 9"x 12"

"This feels like the painting was done in someone's backyard. The brushwork is remarkably soft and blended. The painting's simplicity is appealing as well as the attention to the light reflected.". 

Honorable Mention

"Helote's Windmill Tail", by Steven Harris, Oil, 9" x 12"

"The strong brush strokes impart a confidence in the artist's method and sense of light in the scene. The composition of an unusual subject is well done." 

Honorable Mention

"Moonlit Marsh" by Vicky Gooch, Oil, 10"x 20"

"I keep returning to look at this strongly painted piece. The painting is somewhat stylized, contemporary and reflects the artist's sensitivity of place."