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G.Lee Art Gallery

2217 Strand, Suite 107-B, Galveston Island, Texas

Brushes By the Beach Plein Air 2021 Winners

From our Juror Randall Cogburn,

     "It was a pleasure to see the artwork created for this show. A handful of the art pieces stood out to me and just kept saying "pick me". There were others that almost but not quite lacked that special something.               Those who paint plein air knows that painting outdoors is tough. There is a lot of things on your mind while painting - the light, the composition, the medium, the mood of the view, even casual passer-bys and mosquitos. 

        For those who didn't receive an award this time, it only gets better the more you paint. All I ask of you is to get back out there and work on improving your painting skills. 

     Thank you to all the artists for entering a juried show, I extend my appreciation and recognition of your work.  I hope everyone had a great time painting outdoors!   

Best of Show - George D. Lee Memorial Award

"Off to the Harvest Moon Races" by Julie Sanderson, Oil, 12" x 9"

"Lovely light, nice shadows, movement and atmosphere. Good interest factor. a hard subject to pull off plein air, this artist did a great job of it, well done!"  

Sharon D'Orsie 

First Place Award  

"Sun Shrimper" by Nancy Tyler, Oil, 

11" x 14"

"Lovely view of a Shrimper. Nice composition and lighting." 

Railey Family 

Second Place Award

"The Glades Pond" by Nancy Paris Pruden, Oil,  12" x 9"

"Nice job on composition and lighting.  The composition draws the viewer into the scene. It is difficult to settle on a spot to paint, but the artist choose well on this scene."

McKinnon Associates

 Third Place Award

"Galveston Alley Way" by Arthur Deatley, 

 Acrylic,  12" x 16"

"Great urban scene vibe. Painting highlights the lighting and composition of an aged alley.   The slightly off kilter drawing lends to the paintings believability." 

Veritas Research Honorable Mention

"Bridge Over Barton" by Kathy Hammond, Oil, 12"x 16"