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G.Lee Art Gallery

2217 Strand, Suite 107-B, Galveston Island, Texas

Award Winners - SWAN DAY 

A Note From Our Juror

"As a fellow artist and juror, it has been my pleasure to judge the fifth annual “Support Women Artists Now Show”, 2022! 

 To all of you, who took the leap and entered, each of you should know my admiration has no bounds. You gave over 130 wonderful pieces from which I could choose only a few. Congratulations to the ribbon winners. Your works jumped off  the computer screen, and I look forward to seeing the art in person. The winners of the SWAN Show have every right to be proud. These pieces have the power to elicit an emotional response as well as being superior artistically.

 It has been a delight to juror this outstanding group of women artists. It is an honor to support women in the art world. Thank you."

Gay Sava

Best In Show

"Abuela's Last Dance " 

by Deb Miller 


38" x  25"


Painting - First Place 

"Natasha Looking For Boris"

 by Annika Farmer


14" x 11"


Painting - Second Place 

"Bird's Eye View"

by Christina French

 Mixed Media

 36" x 36" 


Drawing - First Place

"He Thinks He's Big" 

by Liz Wilson


 48" x 24"


Drawing - Second Place

"A Superior Essence

by Suzanne Lienhart

 Colored Pencil

 14" x 10"


Painting - Honorable Mention

"Women Aligned" 

by Deja Routt


 11" x 14"


Drawing - Honorable Mention


 by Caroline Ratliff


11" x 14"