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G.Lee Art Gallery

2217 Strand, Suite 107-B, Galveston Island, Texas

Award Winners - SWAN DAY 

A Note From Our Juror

" I would like to thank Brenda Lee in choosing me as the judge for the  SWAN Day Show 2023.

It is an honor and pleasure to judge a show for women.

I judge a show based on theory  not based on the choice of media, presentation of style, or genre.  It is not about the media or style you choose to work in, but what you do with that media and style. I look for originality, uniqueness, and technical skill of the artist.

 SWAN Day was a beautiful, interesting show with plenty of variety to choose from. This competition had many winners. Unfortunately one must be chosen. If you did not win this year, keep on trying, because the next time you could be the winner. Selecting ribbon winners was tough, as some were won by a close margin.

In closing,  I have been a working artist, art judge and art critic for over 40 years. Inevitably I  know some of the participants, but that does not influence my decisions. I would not risk my reputation. The artwork is choosen based on those that are truly deserving, not on who the artist is. 

 It has been a delight to juror this outstanding group of women artists. It is an honor to support women in the art world. Thank you."

Shirley Moore Leago